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Out of this world

Primary pupils go on a school space camp adventure.

Published: 30 November 2022

Astro Camps can create incredible, inspirational adventures that are packed with moments of awe and wonder. They can help young learners develop scientific curiosity and creativity beyond the curriculum. St George’s Primary (Ogden University of Worcester Partnership) and St Barnabas CE Primary (Worcester North Partnership) have recently ‘returned’ from their intergalactic adventures!

A group of children exploring rockets with a lady in a space suit

St George’s Primary school reports back.

“Our four Year 5 science ambassadors proved to be great leaders as they helped to organise our school Space Camp and ran an activity for our Year 4 space cadets. Everyone met at camp HQ for a briefing from Commander Gittins. What followed was an evening of fun, adventure and finding out. All the cadets enjoyed a rocket demonstration before working in groups (Milky Way, Mars, Galaxy, Starburst and Starmix) to decorate and launch their own rocket – exploring which would go furthest and which angle they should fire it from.

“A carousel of evening activities included making a space bookmark, making rocket gliders and finger rockets, painting planets and completing space jigsaw puzzles. Space bingo (with prizes) was overseen by two of our science ambassadors with the other two ran a space quiz. With a break in the weather, we were all able to grab our torches and go outside to enjoy a ‘spacewalk’ using the Sky View App which brought the sky to life. With a space story before bed, the children camped out in school until the morning!”

“Thank you for this opportunity, I’ve never seen my child so excited!”

a group of children at a craft table doing paintings

The St Barnabas Space Camp followed a similar journey – but it was their Year 2 pupils who headed ‘into’ space: “to say the children were excited is an understatement!”

The children explored lots of space-themed activities. They used the Sky View Lite app on iPads to find different planets and constellations, launched rockets, used VR headsets to virtually enter space, used pastels to draw the planets in the solar system and used binoculars and telescope to look at the stars. There was a star constellation projector and a variety of spaced theme books for the children to share, and the children loved making nebula space jars to take home.

“Astro Camp was out of this world!”
“Astro Camp was amazing!”
“I loved making the nebula space jars and launching the rockets.”

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