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Our place in space!

A Phizzi CPD day to improve Tameside teachers’ scientific knowledge and understanding of the Earth and Space curriculum content.

Published: 5 December 2022

The Ogden Tameside Regional Partnership is bringing schools together to enhance the teaching and learning of physics. In November, more than 80 teachers and teaching assistants from 54 Tameside primary schools gathered for an Earth and Space CPD Conference.

Ogden Teaching and Learning Lead, Jackie Flaherty was joined by our School Culture adviser, Amanda Poole, to explore our place in space! Jackie and Amanda shared their expertise on the primary science topic of Earth and Space and looked at how it can be used as a context for learning across the curriculum.

people gathered around tables at a conference

Our team of trainers took the delegates through a hands-on exploration of five topic teaching points and five classroom activities. Each activity explored the background science knowledge and the working scientifically skills to help build confidence and know-how in delivering meaningful practical primary science.

“The workshops and the facilitators were excellent. The format of the conference was useful, and people were about to ask questions throughout to further improve the session and understanding. The resources, such as the teacher handbook, were outstanding, and make sharing this CPD with others in school very easy and useful. The content of the session was excellent and was wide reaching.”
Delegate feedback

The conference equipped the teachers with the tools and resources to share their newfound knowledge with other teaching colleagues back at their schools. Each school who took part in the conference also received a teacher handbook, an electronic resource pack and a resource box with all of the equipment needed for the ten practical science lessons (worth over £400).

four people with funnels, cylinders and other science equipment investigating different soils.

Feedback from the days showed that participants all felt that their subject knowledge and working scientifically skills had improved. On a scale of 1-10, subject knowledge increased from an average of 5.2 to 8 and working scientifically from 5 to 8.

Research scientist and science communicator, Professor Lewis Dartnell delivered the closing keynote entitled ‘Astrobiology – the search for alien life’ in which he took us on a tour of our solar system and explained which planets and moons might be suitable for lifeforms to exist. This inspiring presentation really enthused the primary teachers and was a perfect end to our CPD day.

“This was the first large-scale Phizzi CPD conference that we have delivered,” explains Wendy Cox, Head of Education for the Trust. “It was fantastic to bring together so many primary practitioners for this professional development day and to see them engaged and enthused by the practical sessions. These teachers can now share their learning with colleagues and deliver hands-on primary science to pupils across their schools.

“Tameside is our first regional partnership,” continues Wendy. “Our Ogden co-ordinators in the region, Wayne Tabernor (Alder Community High School) and Olivia Hardy (Silver Springs Primary Academy) are building a fantastic network of schools who want to develop their physics teaching and learning – seeing so many of these schools come together for this conference was really encouraging. We hope that they will explore the other opportunities this Tameside Partnership can offer.”

“The interactive sessions really made it easy to see how to bring the subject knowledge into the classroom.”
Delegate feedback

four people dropped plastic parachutes over a balcony


School Partnerships

The School Partnerships programme offers funding and support to groups of schools that are committed to enhancing physics teaching and learning. The programme mainly works with local clusters of schools and established collaborations. Our Tameside Partnership is a pilot programme of regional support.

Phizzi CPD is delivered to all primary schools within our Partnership programme. The training covers the four main areas of the primary physics curriculum on a four-year cycle.

Applications for new partnerships open annually between September and February. You can apply now to form a new partnership starting in September 2023. Visit our partnership pages to find out more about the programme and the opportunities available.

six people in a line with inflatable planets looking towards one lady

Understanding the solar system with inflatable planets.


adults gathered around table with globes and books

Phizzi Earth and Space CPD.

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