Medical mavericks

7 June 2019

Partnership funding from The Ogden Trust allowed Devonport High School for Girls to run an event that directly influenced around 200 students, as they learnt about the many and varied ways that physics is used within the NHS.

All Year 10 students at the school attended a workshop run by the Medical Mavericks, who taught them about the range of careers available in the NHS, from surgeon to solicitor and many more featuring physics. Students from the South Devon & Torbay Partnership then attended an extended two hour workshop in the evening and had further opportunities to explore careers and medical equipment.

Students were given hands-on experience with some NHS medical hardware and learnt how applications of physics can allow us to see inside the human body without the need for invasive surgery – ultrasound, fibre optics, infrared vein sensing and more. Students also had the opportunity to take their own ECG, take fake blood from a fake arm, and practise the key hole surgery skills that are used by surgeons.

"The Medical Mavericks workshop was really great - the opportunity to not only find out how different types of medical equipment work but also try them for ourselves was really unique - from taking blood from a fake arm to using a keyhole surgery simulator. It also introduced plenty of career choices and how to access them when we're older which was useful. Overall it was very enjoyable and left me with a lot to think about!”
Harriet, Devonport High School for Girls
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