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Making moon memories

Children show ingenuity, perseverance and curiosity as they enjoy their school space camp.

Published: 18 December 2022

Space Camps can create incredible, inspirational adventures that are packed with moments of awe and wonder. They can help young learners develop scientific curiosity and creativity beyond the curriculum. Grimley & Holt CE Primary is the latest school in the Worcester North Partnership to go on an intergalactic adventure. The children from class 3/4 have reported back to mission control!

“It was the day of Astro Camp. I was very excited and nervous and had been counting down for weeks. After school, we packed our stuff: toothbrush, tick; toothpaste, tick; sleeping bag, tick; packed lunch, tick. I was ready to go!

It was a dark night in December. Gloom was all around but luckily the clouds cleared in time. It was loads of fun for everyone and I want to go again.

When we got to Astro Camp, we were all split into three groups related to names of the Mars Rovers – Ingenuity, Perseverance and Curiosity.

We were joined by a STEM Ambassador, an expert in looking at the night sky. We went outside and he showed us the International Space Station as it travelled on its orbit of the earth. We could see it moving slowly across the sky with its red and white lights shining.  This was one of my favourite parts.

We were all very excited about the telescope. I could see the moon clearly and all its craters.  It was so cool! I even got to see Mars. He pointed out constellations high in the sky with his Laser Pointer, it was COOL!  We wanted to see Orion’s belt but unfortunately, we could not, but we did see the Big dipper and the Pegasus triangle.

One of the activities we did in our group was painting planets for our calendars for 2023. I loved this activity. It was very fun and simple. You cut out a circle from paper, this was your template. Then you got some sponges and painted the planet you had chosen in appropriate colours.

In another activity we made constellations. We shone a torch through holes we had put in card.  I made a constellation called Argus.

In the evening we had a movie and had hot chocolate before going back to our tents to enjoy them with a friend.  Some read books and some made shadow puppets on the walls of the tents.

In the morning we all walked to the hall after a rocket launch count down at 7.30 am. I was second in line for breakfast. First, I had Crunchie Cookie then I had Honey hoops I was so hungry, I also squeezed in a piece of toast! After breakfast we got dressed, brushed our teeth and packed up all our things ready to go home.

While we were waiting for our parents to collect us, we got to play outside with the space rockets. We had to jump not stomp to launch them.

We were all super tired at the end of Astro Camp as most of us didn’t get much sleep, but it was one of the best days of our lives!”

Alfie, Sophie, Felicity, Matthew, Noah, Rory, Frankie

planet pictures created at space camp

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