Love Physics

25 October 2018

Looking to capture the imagination of your students and inspire them about the physics that is all around them in everyday life? The Ogden Exeter & East Devon Partnership holds an annual Love Physics competition which does just that.

Love Physics was originally a film competition where pupils had to conceive, script and produce a short film to explain a physics concept of their choice, but it has now evolved into a photography competition, with some impressive results.

“Students were asked to capture images that demonstrate interesting physics in everyday life,” explains Dominic Tuohey, partnership co-ordinator and Head of Physics at Exeter School.  “There were some excellent entries ranging from astronomy to engineering, which made it very difficult for the judges to select the winners this year.”

A selection of the winning photos is featured below.

Love Physics_Martha Pearce (Colyton Grammar School, Y8) – 1st Place in Y7/Y8 Category

Martha Pearce (Colyton Grammar School, Y8) – 1st place in Y7/Y8 category

Love Physics_Tom Metcalf (Exeter School, Y9) – Winner of Y9-11 Category

Tom Metcalf (Exeter School, Y9) – 1st place in Y9-11 category

Love Physics_Will Partridge – 1st Place in Sixth Form Category

Will Partridge – 1st place in sixth form category

Pictured is the London Waterloo train as it is approaching the Pinhoe train station. The exposure time is 20 seconds, which is what caused the lovely spread of the train's headlights. What I find particularly interesting is the orange/yellow trail on the right, which I assume is from the dot matrix display on the front of the train indicating its destination.

In the photo, the orange trail from the display isn't consistent, and I think this is because the display drives one line of pixels at a time, sweeping from top to bottom very quickly. Usually, persistence of vision would result in it being perceived as a static image. Persistence of vision is used absolutely everywhere. It can fool humans, but it can't fool cameras...

This train line operates an hourly service in the evening, so I only had one shot, and this is how it came out.
Will Partridge


2017/2018 winners

1st: Martha Pearce (Colyton Grammar School) 2nd: Izzy Trelawny (Exeter School) 3rd: Sarah Knapp (Exeter School)    

1st: Tom Metcalf (Exeter School) 2nd: Oliver Irons (Exeter School) 3rd: Jack Bonetta (Colyton Grammar School)   

1st: Will Partridge (Exeter School) 2nd: Ben Harrison (Exmouth Community College)*  3rd: Cameron Naylor (Exeter College)   

Chloe Davies (Colyton Grammar School) Faye Chapman (Exeter School) Eleni Jones-Barlow (Okehampton College) Josh Duthaler (Okehampton College)

Tom Kingsnorth (Exeter School) Joel Taylor (Exeter College) Max Faulhaber (Exeter School)

*featured in the thumbnail image for this story.

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