Let’s build an ‘International Space Station’

25 May 2018

The Great Space Station Challenge is brought to you by Dauntless Daughters who are inviting you to ignite imaginations and bring STEM learning to life for children under 12.

What do we need to live in space? What could we test, or grow? Who might we meet? How will we get home?

Schools are invited to build a module for the Dauntless Daughters’ International Space Centre. Working in teams of up to 10, students can create a lab, a loo, a sleeping pod; build the communications room, command centre or observatory, there’s no limit. Let imaginations sky rocket and bring space to life!

The teams are invited to bring their modules to ‘base camp’ on Thursday 11 October 2018 (Aureus School, Didcot). Working together, the teams will complete the challenge as they create one super amazing space station. Once the space station is completed, the children will spend the day immersed in space and science, celebrating their collaborative effort and having interstellar space adventures!

Steph Green is the founder of Dauntless Daughters and creator of the Great Space Station Challenge: “I started Dauntless Daughters in 2017 to create new positive images of women in STEM. Seeing is believing for children – so if they can see images of women in STEM, girls being bold, and taking risks, then both girls and boys will reflect that in the world they create as adults. The Great Space Station Challenge is a celebration of what can be achieved with collaborative working. It also provides a fun, safe opportunity for those children who might consider themselves creative (but not sciencey) to explore the ideas and learning around space. This is our first large event and we are so excited to be joined by UKSEDS, MakeDo and to be supported by The Ogden Trust.”

To find out more and to sign up, visit www.greatspacechallenge.com

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