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Launching a library for science

Published: 8 August 2021

Inspired by other partnerships in the Ogden network using ‘books as hooks’ to explore and share science, the Warrington Partnership has launched its own science library for primary and secondary schools.

The partnership came together (online) to decide which books to include in their library. Discussions were based around women in science, diversity, higher level learners and the topic of space.

“There were just so many fabulous books to consider,” says Paul Hesford, partnership co-ordinator and lead librarian! “But we think we have created a fantastic library and the children seem to agree as they have embraced the scheme immediately – with books already on loan for the summer.”

The library is housed in two chests and the children must sign out the books they borrow and when they return them, include a book review. The library trunks will be moved around the partnership schools on a half termly basis. Not content with this fantastic addition to their school partnership resources, Paul worked with another partnership teacher (Conor McClafferty from Meadowside Primary) to give their library a little bit extra!

“We have created a virtual library to work alongside the in-class library boxes,” enthuses Paul. “This allows pupils across the schools to see what books we have in our libraries and further allows them to interact with subject matter around the books. They can click on the books shown and be transported to Feynman’s lectures, Brian Cox explaining quantum physics in just over a minute, or the true story behind Hidden Figures. If you click on the open book, you can even leave a review; click on other objects in the library and you’re directed to other exciting physics links.”

A cartoon image from the Phizzi library
Students can access more information by clicking on the books in the online library.

The partnership has used Ogden Trust funding to develop and resource the library. If you are interested in forming a partnership, working with your local schools to enhance the teaching and learning of physics, you can find out more about the programme on the partnership pages of this website.

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