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15 June 2020

In July, Isaac Physics is running a free two-day virtual symposium to help teachers embed Isaac Physics into their teaching and to practise the range of questions from Mastery to Problems.

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During the symposium, teachers will match the resources to their specification and embed Isaac mastery boards, problems and quizzes into schemes of work for GCSE and A-level, ready for September.

“With the current disruption to teaching, it is even more important that schemes of work are firmly in place for September that will give students (and teachers) easy access to the materials they need to develop and progress their knowledge and build their confidence,” says Henry Hammond, Ogden Secondary Physics Lead. “This symposium will provide teachers with additional support and resources to better prepare for the next academic year.”

“The Ogden Trust has been a long-standing supporter of Isaac Physics. Teachers and students continue to engage with the platform which provides opportunities for students to practise challenging physics problems in a supported online environment,” concludes Henry.

The symposium is available to teachers of physics (GCSE or A-level) and to teachers of A-level maths (mechanics). Every participant (from a state-funded English school) will be given a free set of the Isaac Physics Skills Mastery books, and there will be access to free teacher support following the event.

Delegates will (virtually) meet their Isaac ambassadors who will offer time-saving tips and resources; teachers will be able to access physics mentoring, CPD and teacher support as well as discover mentoring, bootcamps and challenges for their students.

Registration closes on Friday 3 July; the event is being held on July 10-11.

Register now.
Isaac Physics Teacher Symposium: going virtual for 2020
Isaac Physics Teacher Symposium: going virtual for 2020

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