Inspiring science

22 May 2018

Nearly 20 sixth-form students from Trinity School, Nottingham have been working with primary schools in the Nottingham and Nottingham City Ogden Primary Partnerships to run after school science clubs.

With guidance from science teacher Dr Wilson at Trinity School Nottingham and Ogden Consultant Pete Dowsett, the students developed lesson plans, experiments, presentations and worksheets – everything they needed to deliver the science sessions, which were then enjoyed by more than 70 students at five primary schools. 

The sixth form students wowed the primary pupils with a series of interactive lessons on acids & alkalis, materials, electricity and chromatography. The lessons included creating an acid/alkali detector with red cabbage, finding the best material for an astronaut’s nappy, creating a burglar alarm to protect a bar of chocolate, and turning detective to find out who had a committed the crime!

Feedback from the science clubs has been overwhelmingly positive: the primary pupils were engaged and enthusiastic about the science on show and inspired to do more. The sixth form science ambassadors were a credit to their school, engaged positively with the young scientists and created a real buzz for science. 

“They helped us to do better science.”
“I liked the nappy investigation. That was funny.”
“The club was fascinating”
'The sessions were very fun and scientific"
“I really, really, really, really, really want to do it again, I am very grateful that you gave us the opportunity to take part in the science club”

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