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Inspiration for your STEM Club

STEM Club workshops for teachers and technicians from London secondary schools: develop, deliver and maintain a thriving STEM Club.

Published: 29 April 2022

London STEM Club online workshops in MAY, JUNE and JULY are open for booking. Download the PDF for more details.

Teachers and technicians from London secondary schools are invited to join a series of online workshop to help them develop, deliver and maintain a thriving and successful STEM club. Three different workshops will be available throughout May, June and July.

  • Getting started
  • How to be successful and thriving
  • Enhancing employability skills and careers knowledge

The workshops have been developed in partnership between The Ogden Trust and STEM Learning. During the sessions, leading practitioners will share tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration; attendees will also receive some practical resources to act as a stimulus for club activities.

Two students taking part in STEAM club activities - looking through a black magnifier

“STEM clubs are a great way to enthuse young scientists who can develop their knowledge and their science communication skills,” says Jackie Flaherty, teaching and learning lead for the Trust. “In these workshops we want to share ideas and knowledge to help teachers launch and sustain STEM clubs. We want to help maintain interest and momentum in established clubs, enhancing the STEM experience and maximising the impact on the students attending. We also want to help teachers to run their clubs in a way that is manageable and sustainable within busy workloads.”

Attendees will be able to network (online), share ideas and best practice and explore new practical club activities. The sessions will consider how to enhance student engagement and stretch capabilities; how to engage student interest through activities, competitions, and longer-term projects; the value of trips and visitors; and how to access grants and funding to help support STEM clubs.

“We hope that teachers and technicians will be reinvigorated by the workshops and will discover new ideas and inspiration to bring to their STEM Club students in 2022,” concludes Jackie.

Fatma Emin from the London Stem Ambassador hub has helped to develop these workshops: “The STEM Ambassador programme has a great record of supporting STEM Clubs in schools and our volunteers are looking forward to contributing to this ongoing workshop series to support the development of STEM clubs.”

Three female students shining torches onto their heads as part of a STEAM club activity

London STEM Club online workshops in MAY, JUNE and JULY are open for booking. Download the PDF for more details.

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