How to win friends and influence people

12 May 2017

Over the May bank holiday weekend some of you will have seen, and indeed retweeted, a post on Twitter featuring The Ogden Trust. The post was tweeted by the Jefferson Group, a recruitment partner for the UK's world-class manufacturing sector.

While many of us use Twitter to communicate the amazing activities carried out with pupils, this particular post found a way of highlighting what the Trust does to a very wide audience.

In the first 24 hours, it had over 12,000 views on the pinned tweet alone. (A pinned tweet is one that stays at the top of all the posts for that account). This original tweet clocked up 90 retweets, 19 shares of the link and 66 likes.

Some of the people who retweeted it have very large followings themselves and the estimated number of views reached 25,000 for the weekend alone!

Apart from plenty of business owners, engineers and manufacturing companies picking up on the importance of engaging young children in science, it was also retweeted by JD Travel Kid and his sister Amazing Arabella.

JD and his sister are classed as ‘global teen influencers’ as they have over half a million followers across their various accounts. JD’s account alone clocked up 31 retweets straight away. Business Radio also pinned the tweet; they have 60,000 followers. You can see how the Twitter effect is like a snowball rolling downhill.

The pinned tweet was set up by Christine Brown (@CLBrown100), who works with The Ogden Trust representing school governors with responsibility for science. She joined the promotion started by Jefferson Group for UK manufacturing and STEM. As an active follower of the posts from the group she earned the opportunity to have the Ogden Trust post featured.

Christine’s top tip for getting your tweets noticed: “It’s as simple as adding #STEM or #UKmanufacturing into your tweet. But of course, if you want people to follow what you do then you must also follow what they do; like and retweet their worthy posts.

“By doing this you will add to your followers and be able to spread your message further. In addition, you will find lots of other like-minded individuals and groups and get excellent opportunities to collaborate, join in with other events and share best practise and good news stories.”

In addition to the Twitter campaign, Christine also posted it on LinkedIn which then got a further 3,226 views and 19 likes. So, if you want to raise awareness of your group or an activity, and want to develop links with like-minded people, all for free, try Twitter and LinkedIn. 

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