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Green for go

Published: 22 June 2021

The Ogden Trust resources have recently been evaluated by The Association for Science Education (ASE) – the foremost body for science education across the UK – and they have been awarded the ASE Green Tick. Ogden resources are freely available online and include a range of primary and secondary resources for physics teaching and learning, as well as guides to encourage and develop physics in school.

ASE Green Tick quality assurance is carried out by ASE experts to support teachers as they explore and navigate a wealth of online science resources. The ASE Green Tick provides guidance on the suitability of resources and how the materials might support teaching and learning.


“We are delighted to have received the Green Tick for our resources,” says Clare Harvey, Chief Executive of The Ogden Trust. “They have been written by expert practitioners to bring practical primary science into the classroom, and to raise the profile of primary and secondary physics learning and future careers. Our individual resources have been viewed more 38,000 in the past year and we hope they will continue to inspire and support.”

Phizzi practical activities are step-by-step guides for the classroom … the ‘Magnetometer’ resource … is a good example of an activity that inspires awe and wonder in children: making an instrument in class to measure solar storms? How cool is that!

The ASE evaluation looked at all the resources currently available on the Ogden website – in summary, they concluded that: “the resources provided by The Ogden Trust are high quality and support high quality physics education for learners of all ages. The website is easy to navigate, and appropriate resources are easy to find by using the website filters. The resources that support learning for children aged 3-7 years are particularly welcome, as they counter poor National Curriculum provision for this age group.”

Working scientifically resources provide valuable support for teachers by describing and exemplifying different types of enquiry met in primary science … A key strength of these resources is their support for teachers to broaden their investigative expertise and repertoire.

Phizzi problem-solving are physics-themed practical activities …. These activities are great, as they avoid ‘recipe’-type practical work and demonstrate the strong links between science and maths.

Visit our resources page to see what is available to support your classroom physics.

Visit the ASE website to find out more about the ASE Green Tick scheme and evaluations.

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