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Getting in a spin for science

The Durham North Science Ambassadors officially open their new Phiz Lab.

Published: 25 May 2022

Science Ambassadors from Hartside Primary and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary in Stanley joined Ogden Regional Rep Dr Lorraine Coghill and Dr Jenny Search (DrReSearch) in the Phiz Lab to take part in interactive science activities and to practise their presentation skills. The team made paper dandelion seeds to test how well they float and drift to the ground; they split ink from felt tip pens into different colours in a chromatography investigation; and they learnt how to make their own paper spinners that spin like sycamore seeds.

Primary pupils gathered around tables working - they are wearing white lab coats

As part of the partnership’s plans to develop online resources to support other schools in running their own Science Ambassadors’ programme, the super scientists were filmed as they completed their investigations.

In the afternoon, other partnership schools and special guests from the Ogden Trust, Durham University and Business Durham joined for a live call: the Science Ambassadors welcomed everyone (virtually) to the Phiz Lab and led the whole group in making their own paper sycamore seed spinners and launching them in classrooms across County Durham.

Lorraine said, “It is wonderful to be part of this celebration of the young people’s achievements and to open this amazing space that will be a innovative resource for the schools and community here in County Durham. Although we couldn’t have everyone in person, the wonders of technology have meant that at least we could join together. The Ambassadors did such an amazing job of running the virtual session – I’ve never seen so many spinners flying across the room and on screens!”

primary school children on a playing field in white lab coats launching paper spinners

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