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Geophysics in a Box

Published: 22 July 2021

Geophysics boxes have been making their way across the UK to inspire young people through science-based interactive activities. Geophysics in a Box uses a unique combination of sports, space and youth work to engage young people in science, to discover geophysics and recognise its relevance to their everyday lives. Eighty boxes, which include everything needed to deliver the geophysics sessions, have been arriving to much excitement at schools and youth centres!

“We’re excited to finally be able to share these boxes across the UK to schools and youth groups who can deliver interactive activities to inspire young people in science.”
Lydia Allen, Youth Work Specialist, National Youth Agency

Teachers and youth workers can sign up to online CPD sessions to ensure they feel confident in delivering the box activities. Meeting each other and being able to have honest, open conversations about any concerns or worries with delivering the activities will hopefully increase their confidence in delivering the sessions.

Geophysics science resources

“Once the geophysics sessions have been established, a Young Champions group will be created. This group of young people will be invited to attend sessions to meet each other and learn new skills,” explains Lydia Allen,Youth Work Specialist and Project Lead from the National Youth Agency. “These young people will have been involved in Geophysics in a Box sessions and will be encouraged to bring new ideas to improve the box and add their own experiments to it. They will also get to meet scientists online and create their own social media campaigns to inspire other young people in science. We are excited to meet these young people and work with them to make their ideas a reality!”

Once all of the boxes have been delivered and enjoyed, the NYA will be releasing new experiments for practitioners to try as the programme grows and develops. “We hope that this project will connect science theory with everyday life and that young people will be inspired to learn more,” concludes Lydia.


Geophysics in a Box is a three-way collaborative Leicestershire partnership between the National Youth Agency, Leicester City in the Community, and the National Space Academy. It is funded by the Royal Astronomical Society and is part of the RAS200 Sky and Earth Project, and by The Ogden Trust.

For more information about Geophysics in a Box visit the NYA website.

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