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Funding for physics

Are you passionate about physics education? Would you like to develop a project beyond the curriculum or beyond your own classroom? Apply now for a Senior Teacher Fellowship.

Published: 20 December 2022

Are you passionate about physics education? Would you like to develop a project beyond the curriculum or beyond your own classroom? Applications are now open for Ogden Senior Teacher Fellowships. These fellowships offer funding to schools for a (physics) teacher’s timetable release and support project costs so teachers can deliver initiatives that bring the wonder of physics to a wider audience or support other teachers to develop their teaching practice.

A Senior Teacher Fellowship enables you to:

  • Develop a physics education project of your interest
  • Build skills & experience both inside & outside of the classroom
  • Share ideas & engage with a community of Ogden fellows

This year, we have devised a range of teacher fellowship projects for primary and secondary teachers which are available for application. They include using PhET resources in the classroom, physics careers and the curriculum, BEST primary resources, family engagement and science ambassadors, KS2-KS3 transition, and many more.

Each of these projects can be refined and adapted to better meet your interests or your school. You can also apply for a fellowship to develop and deliver a project of your own.

You can find further information on the projects available and how to apply in the Teacher Support section of our website.

“During my Senior Teacher Fellowship, I led a project training Year 12 science ambassadors to deliver primary physics masterclasses to schools in Devon. The primary students involved with the project have experienced a wide and rich variety of exciting physics sessions and the feedback has been universally positive. The Year 12 ambassadors have gained hugely in terms of skills development and have something very significant to talk about on their UCAS applications. Some of the students involved are considering becoming physics teachers.”
Phil Atherton
Senior Teacher Fellow (2020-22)

“Senior Teacher Fellowship are awarded to teachers who have demonstrated their commitment to physics education and wish to develop their skills while remaining in the classroom,” explains Programme Officer Jessica Cofie. “The programme includes a time buy-out to help give teachers the capacity to deliver a project that is outside of their teaching commitments,” continues Jessica. “We also offer half-termly mentoring to support the development and delivery of the project, and additional funding to help cover project costs.”

“Enabling teachers to work on projects beyond the curriculum can help develop pedagogy and support enrichment activities,” adds Jessica. “We hope that the projects will be sustainable once the fellowship has ended; and we would like to be able to share the project idea, know-how and resources so that other teachers can consider implementing the initiative in their school or local area.”

Senior Teacher Fellowship projects should address the aims of the Trust and reach some of the Trust’s priority audiences. They should help inspire or enable young people to take physics further, or support physics teachers to develop their teaching.

“The Senior Teacher Fellowship has been excellent for my own CPD and has given me the time and opportunity to work closely with other schools in my local area.”
Emma Leonard, Senior Teacher Fellow 2020
Springbank Primary School
Read more about Emma’s project HERE

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