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Full STEAM ahead

East Herefordshire Partnership works with STEAMWORKS to train their new young science ambassadors.

Published: 6 June 2022

Last month the East Herefordshire Partnership came together to train its Young Science Ambassadors, working with STEAMWORKS – a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to get more children engaged in science, technology, engineering, art, maths and making!

The Young Science Ambassadors programme from STEAMWORKS trains primary pupils to take the lead in championing and raising the profile of science across their school. The newly trained ambassadors ‘will be equipped with bags of confidence, heaps of science activities and a big box of accessible equipment.’

“Our science ambassadors will help to promote science in different ways across our schools,” explains Anna Perry, East Herefordshire Partnership Co-ordinator. “The new team might help to run science clubs, do demonstrations in assemblies or at parent’s evenings, help in lessons or take responsibility for resources. The teachers are full of ideas about how we can work with our fabulous new teams.”

a group of primary science ambassadors in training

“The feedback from the pupils about their training was very positive and the ambassadors were very inspired,” adds Anna. “The pupils all worked together to learn how to present science to others in a theatrical and fun way. It was fantastic collaborative learning. We are looking forward to our ambassadors taking up their roles and raising the profile of science across our partnership!”

“I feel really good about being a science ambassador. The training will really help me to try and explain things simply and spread the love of science.”
Year 5 pupil

“I feel amazed by the science and very confident about showing everyone my science.”
Year 4 pupil

“The science ambassadors are ready to enthuse their peers about science!”
Year 6 teaching assistant

“After this training, I want to get the children doing a show during science week and to run a science club to raise the profile of science across the school.”
Year 5 teacher

Primary Science Ambassadors in training in classroom

Thinking about starting your own Primary Science Ambassadors scheme? Why not look at our How to guide for ideas and inspiration

You can find out more about STEAMWORKS on their website.

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