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Feeling the force

Published: 17 December 2019

This term, our Ogden Trust consultants have been busy delivering Phizzi Forces CPD across our primary partnership schools. 402 teachers from 296 schools in 44 partnerships have already taken part in their Phizzi CPD training with 22 more sessions lined up for 2020.

Phizzi Forces provides a comprehensive teacher guide of 10 investigations to support scientific enquiry around this topic. These are explored and explained throughout the training session to give the teachers confidence in delivering these practical lessons and addressing any common forces misconceptions.

The training focuses on the progression of children’s scientific ideas and looks at how the topic of forces can be used to develop working scientifically skills across the year groups. A resource box worth £400, linked to the investigations, is also included for each participating school to encourage ongoing practical science.

Phizzi resource boxes in a distribution warehouse
More than 500 resource boxes have been prepared for our partnership schools this year; they include pulleys, gears, magnets, stop watches, compasses and so much more.

“We have been delighted with the feedback so far,” says Jackie Flaherty, Teaching and Learning Lead for the Trust. “Teachers are telling us that their confidence and subject knowledge has improved following the training; they really appreciate the knowledge and ideas we offer, and the relative simplicity of the practical investigations we explore – not to mention the resources we provide as part of the day.”

“Fantastic opportunity to carry out investigations; useful explanations throughout the day to link practical investigations and forces knowledge.”

“It has increased my confidence in planning for scientific enquiry in the classroom.”

The forces investigations include magnetic materials, pendulum swings and balloon races, as well as a friction challenge set by physicist and adventurer Dr Melanie Windridge. In videos set against the stunning landscape of her Everest expedition, Melanie sets a primary school challenge for children in Year 3 and Year 5.

The Slippy shoes enquiries are freely available to all on our website, together with a range of other forces resources.

“I feel much more confident in how to bring science to life in the classroom.”

“Brilliant engaging activities with time to learn/discuss.”

“Great practical ideas to take away and use”

A pupil is investigating forces; a hand presses down on ball of plasticine

If you are not part of a partnership, applications open each year betweeen September and February. Find out more on our partnership pages of this website.

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