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Feeling the force

The SKPT forces CPD module is open for booking.

Published: 3 May 2022

The Ogden Trust is now delivering the Subject Knowledge for Physics Teaching (SKPT) programme which is designed for teachers in the English state sector, teaching physics at KS3 or KS4 without a physics specialism.

The SKPT forces module is now available and open for booking, with the first sessions being held in June.

Sign up now for the SKPT forces module

The course will require up to 20-hours of learning and will be led by a subject specialist. It will include online tutorials, independent learning and face-to-face sessions at the start and end of the eight-week course.

Teacher guiding four female students in a science investigation

The forces module has been designed to help teachers improve their subject knowledge and teaching pedagogy; teachers will develop skills and confidence to bring forces to life in their classroom. During the eight weeks, mathematical problem solving, conceptual challenges, practical work and pedagogical reflections will be built into the learning, and participants will be part of a supportive learning network.

“The Ogden forces blended learning module was developed and piloted last year,” explains Jackie Flaherty, Teaching and Learning Lead for the Trust. “We are excited to be bringing it into the SKPT programme where we can support more teachers to improve and refine their practice.

“Enabling teachers to confidently deliver engaging, lessons which address misconceptions and develop deep understanding will help to raise the attainment of young people in physics and inspire them to take physics further in their education and careers.”

“I just wanted to thank you… I started out absolutely scared out of my wits to teach physics and I have to say you have converted me. I really love the subject now and am proud to say that I am a physics teacher.”

The forces module will include:

  • Identifying & classifying forces
  • Deforming forces
  • Frictional forces
  • Contact & non-contact forces
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Analysing motion

Sign up now for the SKPT forces module.

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