Family physics

20 November 2019

Earlier this month, the Redditch & Bromsgrove Primary Partnership hosted a family learning night on forces, sharing the fun of physics and building valuable science capital across the generations.

Over 70 people (adults and children) from six partnership schools came along to the science evening which was hosted at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School. Ogden Consultant, Dr Jenny Watson led the evening with an interactive talk about the physics of forces and Newton's three laws.

A force to be reckoned with, Jenny captivated the audience with some awe-inspiring demos that featured a floating boat and rocket balloon; the talk also saw Jenny using a hammer to open a tin, standing on springs and dropping an egg!

Newton's third law
Newton's third law

The grown-ups and children also got to feel the force as they took part in an array of hands-on activities which saw them travelling on a Hoverboard, balancing a helium balloon in mid-air, and making a CD hovercraft; not to mention hovering paperclips, footballs and ping-pong balls!

“Jenny is so enthusiastic,” says Lorraine Burrows, the partnership co-ordinator who organised the event. “You can see the children eager to volunteer to demonstrate the different activities. She explained “forces’ in such a way that all could participate and feel confident.”

“This evening was brilliant I’ve learnt so much and feel I can better support my child with their learning at home.”

"It was great to bring the topic of forces to life and wonderful to see how engaged both the children and adults were with the physics,” says Jenny. “So many parents (and children) thanked me afterwards and said how much they'd enjoyed, and learnt from, the evening, which I think is a great measure of success!”

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