Did the boats float?

5 April 2019

This term, enthusiastic scientists from Year 2 at Hertford St Andrew CoE Primary School took part in a special boat day as part of the Hertford & Ware Ogden Primary Partnership.

Isla, Junior, Andrew, Freya, Ryan and Nathan represented their school; theywere joined by 25 other Year 2 pupils from five local partnership schools. The pupils tested their knowledge offorces and materials, applying their learning to a practical task as they competed to make the best floating boat.

The day began with a presentation from STEM ambassadors Sarah (project manager for Robert Bosch Ltd) and John (an engineer) who explained how boats floated. The teams then applied what they had learnt to create Plasticine models. They added animal passengers and experimented with the shape. Flat round boats were the most successful; one held over 50 pasta animals!

STEM ambassador Rob, an army engineer, then spoke to the children about his role in the army. He showed the children lots of different things that the army build, explaining how they construct floating structures to help build bridges and talking about how different boats are powered. The children then created their own paddle steamers using stored energy from an elastic band.

Finally, Sarah spoke about the clipper yacht race she will be taking part in. The teams used this as a stimulus to design and build their own yachts, using what they had learnt about the best shape for a boat and how to power it.

Congratulations to the team from St Joseph's Catholic Primary on their winning design!

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