16 March 2017

To celebrate Demo Day 2017, the Chipping Campden Ogden Trust Primary Partnership held a science competition with a Space theme as part of their “International Space Station Celebration Year”. The partnership was awarded £4,600 from the UK Space Agency to run a variety of schemes and events with children from 10 local primary schools. 

Seven teams arrived with their demos ready and wowed the judges from STEM Learning and GE Aviation with their experiments, posters and science communication skills. The audience were treated to presentations on freeze-dried food, gravitational wells and planet atmospheres. The judges had a very difficult task but choose Mickleton School’s presentation on Crater Formation as the overall winner. A special award for outstanding research and model of gravitational wells was given to Imogen Hynes from Dormer House School.

The finale of the day, was the Teacher’s Science Factor when science staff from Chipping Campden School showed their own best demos to prove that their science subject was the best. Physics came out as champions with Mr Prince’s amazing show of problems in space travel which covered inertia (magic tablecloth trick) and an expanding marshmallow astronaut!

We counted 17 demonstrations in one morning – a great way to mark Demo Day 2017.

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