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Cutting-edge physics CPD

Secondary teachers from the Ogden Teacher Network took part in a three-day professional development programme showcasing resources from the Perimeter Institute.

Published: 4 August 2022

“Had an absolutely fantastic few days with a wonderful group of physics teachers. So many ideas to incorporate into my teaching and so many new areas to research to improve my subject knowledge. Fab start to the summer holidays.”
Dr Rudi Carter, Science Teacher

At the end of last month, 19 secondary teachers of physics from the Ogden Teacher Network took part in EINSTEINPLUS (E+) UK, a three-day immersive professional development programme showcasing resources from the Perimeter Institute, hosted by the University of Oxford and funded by The Ogden Trust.

This bespoke CPD has been designed to provide new teaching resources and ideas, subject knowledge support with contemporary physics and an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice in a supportive learning community.

Teachers seated at a table taking part in a physics CPD workshop

The Perimeter Institute resources focus on modern physics including quantum physics, special relativity, and cosmology, with pathways and ideas to take this cutting-edge research into the classroom to inspire students and enhance the curriculum learning.

A brilliant experience! The high level of enthusiasm from the programme leads and the participants was very inspiring. The resources and reflections will deliver significantly in the future as I am able to develop my storytelling so my students have a greater understanding and engagement in physics.

Jackie Flaherty (Teaching & Learning), James de Winter (Early career & research) & Henry Hammond (Physics leadership) led the course for the Ogden Trust. “During the three days, teachers took part in some fabulous physics!” enthuses Henry. “Tackling the challenge of quantum reality and fields, building a quantum telescope and meeting with leading Oxford researchers to get an insight into the latest physics development and how they can be integrated into the classroom.

“Alongside exploring the resources from the Perimeter Institute, we engaged in hands-on practical work to make learning relevant, memorable and exciting, delved deep into the pedagogy of physics teaching and spent time reflecting on how best to embed the learning back in our respective educational settings,” he continues.

Teachers seated at a table taking part in a physics workshop

“The Ogden Trust has built a strong and deserved reputation for exciting research informed physics CPD, Perimeter Institute is world renowned for its quality of physics outreach & Oxford University has one of the most revered physics departments in the world… therefore, maybe it is unsurprising that this course was an overwhelming success with participants being challenged, stimulated and inspired, their brains being stretched, but not broken.”

“Co-leading this transformative CPD course with two brilliant colleagues at the end of a busy year I was left feeling exhilarated with the knowledge 19 schools will have teachers revigorated and inspired with new ideas to enrich teaching and learning of a wide range of challenging topics. Now time for a break before September!’ concludes Henry.

Teachers with their certificates at the end of a CPD course

“A wonderful experience which will definitely improve the physics education of my students”

“Just amazing. Best CPD I’ve ever been on.”

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