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Creative cosmos, magnetic maths, and more!

Published: 5 July 2019

More than 200 teachers have taken part in our Primary Physics Professional Learning (P3L) days so far this year, with three more sessions already planned across the UK in 2019.

At each of the days, our specialist physics practitioners have delivered four hands-on workshops which bring science to life with some amazing practical activities, resources and ideas for how physics can be taught in the primary classroom.

The latest P3L was held at Keele University, and organised by the Ogden Outreach Officer, Scott Walker.

“It was great to welcome nearly 60 teachers to Keele University for our P3L Conference in June,” says Scott. “As the only P3L venue in the Midlands, it attracted teachers from Ledbury in the south, to Burnley in the north. The feedback we received has been incredibly positive,” Scott continues. “With many of the delegates expressing how the CPD will instigate positive change [in the teaching and learning of practical science] back in the classroom.

“Hearing some of the discussions between the delegates on how they will be modifying their practice as result of the conference, highlights the value and impact of this type of primary science CPD. Not only does it showcase how science can be woven into the wider primary curriculum, but it also increases [science] subject knowledge and the confidence of the teachers to facilitate high quality, investigation-led, science teaching and learning”.

Science is often not taught by a specialist teacher at primary level and developing teacher skills and confidence is an important factor in getting children to engage with the subject and to believe they can be scientists.

“Fantastic ideas/resources to use back at school”

“Jam packed full of useful information & resources”

“Amazing interactive resources, engaging staff & so much we can apply in school”

The P3L CPD programme has been designed to enthuse and excite primary teachers, as well as equip them with subject knowledge and ideas for delivering hands-on science in the classroom. Practical demonstrations, problem solving activities and investigations support teachers in the development of working scientifically across all year groups. Although science is at the heart of the P3L programme, English, maths and cross-curricular themes run throughout the sessions.

Delegates experience magnetic mathematics, electrifying English, the creative cosmos and the physics of light & sound. They leave the P3L days with new found knowledge and confidence, as well as numerous resources to support them back in the classroom, including Space 4D cards, colour wheels, Uv beads, teachers’ guides and experiment cards.

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