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Creating curiosity

Published: 13 February 2020

Last week the Halesowen & Dudley Primary Partnership had a KS2 Creating Curiosity day, hosted at Lutley Primary School.

Twenty-eight children from five partnership schools (Lutley, Welsh House Farm, Blackheath, Colley Lane, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary) took part in the day, which was led by Kirsty Roche, from Lutley Primary with help from Ogden Regional Rep, Dr Jenny Watson.

“We should definitely do this again! It wasn’t too scary to run a partnership event ourselves”
Kirsty, organiser

To create curiosity and get the day started, the children asked Jenny all sorts of intriguing science questions, including ‘How do our milk teeth form?’, ‘How does evolution work?’ and ‘How do we see things?’

paint being mixed in silver trays

Inspired by this Q&A, the children then took part in a circus of workshops, run by teachers from three of the participating schools. In mixed school groups, the children had to work together to build their own lava lamps, make hoop glider aeroplanes, and then get creative with milky planet art. (“I’m really pleased with how my workshop went down” – teacher)

Jenny concluded the morning with a forces & friction workshop where she explained and explored various forces and the children even had a go at travelling ‘without’ friction – on a hoverboard!

“The best thing was the experiments”

“My best thing was learning about friction and gravity”

“I liked when we fully completed the lava lamps ourselves”

“My best thing was ALL OF IT”

With new skills, new knowledge and new friends, the children spent lunchtime together before returning to the classroom to construct a JCB Junior Innovator Excavator kit. This exciting kit is part of a new initiative with JCB and will be coming to all Ogden primary partnerships over the coming months.

This early taster was met with great enthusiasm.
“Wow – that’s one cool machine!” (Y5 child)
“The children liked the challenge and the fact that it didn’t work straight away meant they worked as a team to put it together” (teacher)

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