Classroom physics

25 November 2019

Last week, the North Dorset & South Somerset Partnership held a training day at Sherborne Girls School for teachers and technicians. There were 16 participants at the event representing all of the schools in the partnership and the training day was led by Samir Moezzi from CLEAPSS.

“I really enjoyed today and we got a lot out of it. It was a great event and we found it very positive and useful. He was a great choice!”

Safe and successful classroom physics covered the topics of electricity, radioactivity and waves (sound and light) and involved all of the health and safety aspects such as mains supply, transformers, handling radioactive sources, LASERs and ultrasound.

“The event was used to support colleagues who are new to the profession or are working outside of their specialism,” explained Jason Blake, co-ordinator for the partnership. “It was very hands-on with lots of practical activities to try around the lab, as well as offering recommendations for the best, safe lab kit and what to avoid.

“It was an excellent day,” concludes Jason. “I would strongly recommend it to other partnerships and indeed any other schools!”

“I’ve been a science technician for more than 15 years now and I wish I’d had some input like this when I started.”

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CLEAPSS provides advice and guidance on all aspects of practical work in science, technology and art. The guidance explores ideas for exciting and engaging practical activities that fire pupils' imaginations.

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