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Phiz Labs News

Catch up on all the latest news and updates from The Ogden Trust and across our network as we share initiatives, ideas and best practice.


7 June 2022

Pupils from the Dartmoor Partnership celebrate the opening of their Phiz Lab.

Getting in a spin for science

25 May 2022

The Durham North Science Ambassadors officially open their new Phiz Lab.

Joining the Phiz Lab family

23 May 2022

The Phiz Lab for the Kent North Coast Partnership is officially opened.

Phiz Lab for Fylde Coast

1 October 2021

Last week, Westminster Primary Academy, part of the Ogden Blackpool Partnership, officially opened their new Ogden Phiz Lab.

Everything in moderation

23 March 2020

Now available: an Ogden How to guide for leading a primary science moderation meeting.

More for Moorpark

19 March 2020

Ogden Stoke North Partnership have officially opened their new Phiz Lab at Moorpark Junior School.

Super cool science day

13 March 2020

Radford Primary Academy officially opens its new Phiz Lab.

Inspiring young scientists

21 January 2020

A primary science lab can help to put science at the heart of the school.