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Grants and Funding News

Catch up on all the latest news and updates from The Ogden Trust and across our network as we share initiatives, ideas and best practice.

SOLAR sights

8 February 2024

An Ogden grant is supporting spectroscopic observations to promote learning of astronomy and research.

CERN large Hadron Collider

Physics funding: CERN

15 January 2024

Applications for funding towards partnership trips to CERN in 2024/25 are now open.

3 students working together on an experiment.

Funding for physics

10 January 2024

Are you passionate about physics education? Would you like to develop a project beyond the curriculum or beyond your own classroom? Apply now for a Senior Teacher Fellowship.

Celebrating success

21 December 2023

Ogden consultant John Best and Programme Manager Adam Boal collect the Skills for Energy Award.

More than 20 days

28 November 2023

Students gain real-world experience during Coastal Energy internships.

student in school uniform with her board game

Avanti move forward in physics

7 November 2023

An Ogden physics education grant has helped physics to flourish at a new school.

Physics FOCUS

25 August 2023

The Ogden Trust supports the local community with funding for physics workshops.

In the summertime…

16 August 2023

A-level students get together to explore quantum physics at Bristol University.

Seeing the light

4 August 2023

Twenty-three Year 12 students take part in an Optics Summer School at King’s College London.

Against the odds

2 August 2023

“My child is now absolutely buzzing about physics... I hope the scheme inspires more groups to continue working on representation and to appreciate the benefits of broader diversity.”

Science for all

5 June 2023

A physics education grant has supported school activities at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford.

The appliance of science

11 May 2023

An Ogden Trust grant is helping SatSchool expand the physics content in its resources for schools.