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Catch up on all the latest news and updates from The Ogden Trust and across our network as we share initiatives, ideas and best practice.

Quantum in the summer

19 August 2022

A-level physicists take part in a student-led summer school at the University of Bristol.

Building skills

13 August 2022

Pupils feel the force and get hands-on with coding as they develop their science skills, problem solving and teamwork.

Celebrating outreach

1 August 2022

The 2022 Ogden Outreach Awards.

Building local links

26 July 2022

Pupils learn about local industry and build their own wind turbine.

Flying into physics

18 May 2022

An exhilarating science project that uses giant levers, pulleys and harnesses to launch a love of learning!

Leadership for physics outreach

17 May 2022

The Leadership for Outreach and Public Engagement programme is open for applications: mentoring, workshops & peer group support.

STEM Theatre in a Box

17 May 2022

Bringing science to schools and families through the mediums of puppets, dance and theatre.

Physics in the spotlight

12 May 2022

A webinar series showcasing careers with physics at their heart.

A driving force for physics

11 May 2022

Students at New College Worcester are getting hands-on in their physics learning as they build their own car.

Inspiration for your STEM Club

29 April 2022

STEM club workshops for teachers and technicians from London secondary schools: develop, deliver and maintain a thriving STEM Club.

You can’t be what you can’t see

25 April 2022

Pupils discover more about the world of work.

Jina on tour

20 April 2022

Inspired by her ‘STEM Sisters’ Jina learns that she can follow her dreams of being a scientist.