Catalyst for change

9 May 2018

Teachers from schools in Halton, Liverpool and Warrington attended the first ever Teach Meet to be held at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre. The event provided a valuable opportunity for teachers to network and to share (or gather) resources and ideas. 

Teachers from across the region discovered how they can put the curriculum into context and inspire students to continue with their STEM studies and STEM careers via a vast range of enrichment opportunities. There were free educational resources available and support and partnership offerings to engage and enthuse students.

As part of the Teach Meet, there was a guided tour of the Catalyst Centre, which is the only museum in the UK to explore the science and technology behind the chemical industry. It offers a host of hands-on exhibits, activities and demonstrations.

“Catalyst celebrates the heritage of the Widnes area chemical industry,” explains Melissa Lord, the local Ogden Regional Representative and a Catalyst volunteer trustee. “By instilling an enthusiasm for all things STEM with its vibrant education staff, Catalyst is helping to educate young people in the clean science of tomorrow. There is a sparkling view of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge and the river, once the dirtiest in Europe, which serves to reinforce the important contribution of STEM in the real-world.”

Melissa gave a presentation about how an Ogden partnership could help ‘make physics matter’ in the local schools. Delegates and the event partners (Liverpool’s All About STEM, The Royal Society of Chemistry, the Institute of Physics and the Institution of Civil Engineers) discussed science strategies, exciting engineering and the benefit of STEM Ambassadors.

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