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Building partnerships

Teachers leading new Ogden partnerships gathered ideas and inspiration for their partnership plans and delivery.

Published: 3 November 2022

Last month, partnership co-ordinators from our 32 new partnerships for 2022 gathered in Stratford-upon-Avon to meet the Ogden team, and their counterparts from other school partnerships. This annual national induction meeting for partnerships, has become an established feature of our programme; supporting and enabling the new partnership co-ordinators to develop and implement their plans.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the Trust to welcome teachers into the programme and to show that they are supported and valued within the Ogden community. Attendees were able to gather advice and inspiration to help them build their partnerships; and they welcomed hints and tips to help them prepare and deliver their partnership plans. The event also strengthened the Ogden network with teachers sharing ideas and building connections.

people seated around tables facing towards a female presenter at the front of the room

The day allowed for the Ogden programme managers to give an insight into the structure and processes of the programme and offer practical advice for the development of successful partnerships. Three partnership case studies were also presented by current partnership co-ordinators who shared their first-hand practical experiences of leading a partnership.

The keynote presentation showcased the collaborative research undertaken by University of Manchester and The Ogden Trust on key issues with children’s learning in primary science in England; and the conference also explored practical, tangible ways to promote diversity in physics science education in both primary and secondary environments.

“The keynote speakers gave excellent simple example of how you can make a successful partnership without needing excessive spending, to allow the partnership to last.”

The Trust’s  CPD programme is an integral and important part of school partnerships – empowering and upskilling teachers is a great enabler within the programme and has a positive impact across the schools. Our Teaching & Learning Lead, Jackie Flaherty, alongside School Culture Lead Amanda Poole gave an in-depth insight into our CPD provision, as well as a taste of what teachers can expect with some ideas and inspiration to take straight back to the classroom.

people seated around tables facing towards a male presenter at the front of the room

Paul Sapple, the programme manager who led this event, commented: “This event is now one of the highlights of our partnership programme and provides an invaluable opportunity for partnerships to build solid foundations from which to grow and for co-ordinators to network, and create supportive, professional links with one another. It is always great to learn more about the plans that partnerships have for their first year, as well as being able to share some of the Ogden Trust’s own learning about what makes an effective partnership.

The buzz of conversation and sharing of ideas is always lovely to witness and contribute to,” continues Paul. “Our new partnership co-ordinators get a time-buy-out as part of their partnership funding – this makes it easier for them to attend events like this which bring together process and inspiration to help our partnerships thrive.”

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School partnerships

The 32 partnerships for 2022 join a growing network of Ogden school clusters; there are now 123 funded partnerships (Year 1-5) involving almost 900 schools.

The School Partnerships programme offers funding and support to groups of schools that are committed to enhancing physics teaching and learning. The programme works with local clusters of schools and established collaborations.

Partnership schools work together to plan and deliver a programme of activities to enhance physics teaching and learning. The schools’ development of primary science and secondary physics is supported by Ogden funding, CPD opportunities and guidance from Ogden consultants and expert practitioners.

Each partnership has a dedicated hub school and co-ordinator who is the main point of contact with the Trust; co-ordinators are awarded a limited time buy out to give them time away from their teaching commitments to establish and develop their partnership.

Applications for new partnerships open annually between September and February. You can apply now to form a new partnership starting in September 2023. Visit our partnership pages to find out more about the programme and the opportunities available.

Our partnership scheme is suitable for both local clusters of schools (groups of local schools wanting to collaborate on the teaching and learning of physics), and established collaborations (partnerships where there is already an existing formal relationship between schools (e.g., through a multi-academy trust).

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