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Books, hooks & inspiring demos

Partnership KS3 Physics CPD day inspires teacher and improves subject knowledge.

Published: 14 March 2023

Last term, Teaching and Learning Lead, Jackie Flaherty and Regional Rep Karen Hodgetts led an Ogden KS3 physics CPD conference for Maiden Erlegh Partnership. Twenty teachers from three schools attended the day to build their confidence and skills in delivering classroom physics.

The day included training in approaches and use of demonstrations, and featured ‘books and hooks’, looking at how teachers can better engage and inspire students in their physics learning. Schools also received resource boxes containing demonstration kit (worth £200) and essential physics education books.

A group of teachers exploring their KS3 resources

“Engaging, motivating sessions. Great concepts and ideas. Lots of misconceptions identified which students may share also.”
Teacher feedback

Partnership Co-ordinator Maya Balasubramanyam felt that having a whole day of in-person training for their partnership science teachers emphasised the importance and value of the training. “Everyone really enjoyed the day and got so much from it,” says Maya. “The demos generated lots of questions and ideas, and it was great to see our physics specialists discussing and explaining to the non-specialists – they were so invested in the training.”

Jackie agrees. “It was fantastic to see so many teachers from the partnership eager to develop their physics teaching,” says Jackie. “The inset day provided a really positive collaborative learning environment and the room was buzzing with enthusiasm. We were able to explore and demonstrate lots of different approaches to model some of the abstract concepts that pupils can find hard to grasp, and teachers can struggle to deliver.”

Teachers taking part in a KS3 investigation as part of the CPD. Balloons are being released and floating to the ceiling

“Thank you so much for an informative and interesting day. The sessions showcased some simple but effective hooks that we will now aim to embed in our scheme of work.”

“Amazing demos, chance to talk to other teachers about science, lots of ideas for teaching basic concepts.”
Teacher feedback

Ogden school partnerships in their first year can take part in the Ogden KS3 physics CPD programme which is mainly for non-specialist teachers of physics and new teachers. The CPD focuses on the key physics concepts and pedagogical approaches for the topics of forces, waves and electricity, and encourages collaboration amongst partnership schools.

Each topic includes engaging and challenging classroom demonstrations and approaches, time for collaborative discussions and reflection, and resources for schools to ensure teachers can take their new learning straight into the classroom to inspire their pupils.

“Our KS3 CPD has a flexible model of delivery that can be adapted to suit the needs of the partnership,” explains Jackie. “Last week teachers from our North Tyneside Learning Trust Partnership joined us for a CPD conference at the Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne. We delivered our Phizzi Earth and Space CPD to 42 teachers from primary schools in the partnership, whilst 11 KS3 delegates joined us to get hands-on with our KS3 CPD programme. This full conference day of practical science encouraged and facilitated a collaborative approach to physics teaching and learning which is hugely beneficial.”

Teachers taking part in a KS3 investigation as part of the CPD. creating circuits with people

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