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Asking the big questions

Published: 15 May 2020

With the help of funding from The Ogden Trust, the Institute of Art and Ideas (IAI) has produced a six-part online physics course for the use of physics teachers across the UK. The IAI Physics Course is an inspirational e-resource designed to inspire students and encourage their interest in physics.

“The aim of the IAI Physics Course is to spark students’ curiosity,” explains course curator Sam Dunning. “We want to introduce students to some of the big ideas, problems and debates in physics. The course is aimed in particular at those considering doing physics at A-level or applying to read physics at university, but we hope these exciting ideas will fascinate other students too.”

Featuring material from the IAI Library, and appearances from top physicists such as Carlo Rovelli and Catherine Heymans, the IAI Physics Course seeks to inspire and inform, exploring questions, such as:

  • Will we ever reach Mars?
  • How did the universe come into being?
  • What do physicists not yet know?

Each session includes videos, teacher resources and student resources that are all freely available and designed to help students engage with some of the challenging questions being explored by physicists today.

Visit IAI to find out more and to access the course materials.

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