Alumni Summer Internships 2019

27 February 2019

Applications for the Ogden Summer Internship programme for 2019 are now open. There are 46 placements available to Ogden alumni at 18 organisations, with internships in research and outreach.

There are some fantastic placements on offer, all designed to provide valuable experience and insight into possible careers or study avenues. The scheme is open to Ogden alumni undergraduates, including those in their final year and those at the end of a gap year (either pre- or post-university).

Limited funding is also available to alumni for Create Your Own Internships and International Internships. If you have found a summer work experience or research project here or abroad, Ogden funding may be available to support your placement.

“I definitely progressed throughout my internship, both as an aspiring physicist and as a person. I’m much more confident in my capacity to learn new skills, having seen the drastic improvement in my programming through the two-months of using C++. I had a go at presenting my findings and whilst presentations are definitely things I need to work on, it also wasn’t as scary as I imagined it would be. I had an amazing time, and I’m already sad it’s over!”
Alice Lake, 2018 intern

“The people I’ve met and the tasks I’ve been set have inspired me even more to pursue a career in medical physics and research.
Georgia Harris, 2018 intern

Login to the alumni members’ area to find out more about what is available and how to apply. Internship diaries from previous interns can also be found online; although every internship is different, the diaries give an idea of what you might be able to expect.

“I applied for the internship because I was about to graduate and wanted to get some more experience doing research to help me decide whether to do a PhD or not. Towards the end of my internship I was told that my supervisor had PhD funding available and he invited me to apply. Two weeks after the internship ended, I came back to the university to start my PhD, finishing the machine I had been working on during my placement and using it to investigate dark field imaging.”
Ronan Smith, 2018 intern

The closing date for all internship applications is Sunday 7 April.

All applications must be made online using our Flexigrant system. To make your application, you must first register for Flexigrant - this can be done via the alumni members' area.

2017 Ogden intern David Gwynne with his supervisor at the University of Bristol, Dr Edmund Harbord.
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