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All the fun of the fair

Published: 14 March 2019

Eastern Green Junior School hosted the second Coventry Partnership Science Fair, with an array of fantastic projects from pupils across each school.

The atmosphere was buzzing and visiting staff commented: “It’s been so nice to see the children taking such an interest in science and speaking about their own research so passionately.”

Pupils exhibited their projects and enjoyed a circus of activities set up by partnership co-ordinator, Sarah Moore, “It has been lovely to see the pupils sharing their experiences with other schools. I used the Ogden Trust Phizzi CPD training and resource boxes to set up the investigations to keep the pupils on task while their projects were judged.

Pupils presented their findings on a range of topics including a tooth experiment using toothpaste and eggs, the best way to preserve apples and an investigation into the fastest melting chocolate.

Sally Snooks, headteacher at Edgewick Community Primary School said, “We’ve run our own science fairs in school in the past, but this is the first time we’ve joined with a wider partnership. It has been a really positive experience for the pupils to visit other schools and share their expertise.”

Key Stage 1 medal winner Finnan said, “My mum helped me to do an experiment with apples. I was nervous because I’ve never been to another school before, but it’s really exciting. I liked making the light bulb work in a circuit.”


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