All the fun of the fair

25 July 2018

Science Fairs are a great way to bring partnership schools together and are relatively low cost; they have been a popular primary partnership activity over the past year. The children are always enthusiastic about their projects and they do fabulous work in researching, presenting and then communicating their investigations. If the fair can involve science ambassadors from a local senior school or university then it really adds to the experience, bringing in judges that the students are especially keen to impress! Local business or industry involvement can add another dimension, introducing students to the wealth of career opportunities that can develop from studying STEM. 

If you are thinking about introducing a Science Fair at your school next year, we have a helpful guide to help your planning and preparation. 

Henry Hammond, Ogden Trust Teacher Fellow and Director of Science & Maths Specialism at Alexandra Park School (APS), London shares his experience from the second annual APS KS2 Science Fair which took place earlier this summer.

In June, APS main hall was completely taken over by 59 amazing science projects from our local primary schools. The best projects from all of the schools had been selected for the Fair and the successful young scientists got the opportunity to explain their work to the judges, complete a lab session at APS, see a science show and have a chance of winning an award and prize! They were also able to see all of the other impressive projects that were on display. 

The quality of the projects was incredible, with topics like ‘why can’t you land on Jupiter’, ‘how much sugar are we drinking’, ‘global pollution’, ‘robotics’, ‘slime’, ‘how does sight and smell effect taste’ and 53 more! The students from Years 3-6 explained their projects amazingly, often with excellent practical demonstrations. 

Over the course of the day the project stands were visited by 100s of KS3 pupils as well as staff and judges. We were also joined by seven STEM ambassadors, which provided excellent careers links, guidance, and an unbiased supply of judges! 

As well as displaying their project, the primary students attended two workshop sessions: one was on balanced forces and in the other students were able to make a torch. We could not have run this day without the help and support from a brilliant team of Y10 prefects and Y12 helpers (so huge thank you to them). The day was a huge success and we are looking forward to next year already!

"Thanks so much for doing the science fair, we enjoyed it the whole time!"
Archie & Hannah – Coldfall Y6 

"We loved the day and wish we could do it all over again now!"
Thandi, Jessica and Max

"Thanks you so much for such a fun science day. We had so much fun!"   Y5 teacher

"The projects were great, I got to use a robotic arm and make slime"   Sam 

Don’t forget - If you are thinking about introducing a Science Fair at your school next year, we have a helpful guide to help your planning and preparation. 

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