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Aiming high

A Phizzi CPD day to improve scientific knowledge and understanding of the Earth and Space curriculum content.

Published: 31 March 2023

“…isn’t science learning awesome when it’s delivered well!”

Earlier this month, teachers from our North Tyneside Learning Trust Partnership came together at the Centre for Life in Newcastle for a Phizzi Earth & Space CPD conference. Forty-two teachers from primary schools in this established collaboration partnership took part in the day; 11 KS3 delegates also joined the conference to get hands-on with the Ogden KS3 CPD programme. This full conference day of practical science encouraged and facilitated a collaborative approach to physics teaching and learning which was hugely beneficial to all the teachers involved.

The day started with a captivating talk from Dr Vicky Fawcett, a research associate at the University of Newcastle, who shared her journey from school science to the far-away galaxies that she now explores in her current research.

four teachers seated at a table exploring Earth and Space CPD resources

The teachers then started their own journey into the primary topic of Earth and space, improving their understanding of the curriculum content and how to teach it, and gathering new ideas for using the context of Earth and space for maths, English and the broader curriculum.

“We are very fortunate as a trust and a collaborative partnership of schools to be working with The Ogden Trust. I don’t very often get the opportunity to witness first-hand the impact and excitement generated by some of the opportunities the Trust brokers for schools, so it was wonderful to be able to join you all working alongside our teachers at the conference. Thinking about a trip to the moon will never be quite the same for me again – isn’t science learning awesome when it’s delivered well!”
Kehri Ellis
Chief Executive, North Tyneside Learning Trust

Our team of trainers took the delegates through a hands-on exploration of five topic teaching points and five classroom activities. Each activity explored the background science knowledge and the working scientifically skills to help build confidence and know-how in delivering meaningful practical primary science.

The conference equipped the teachers with the tools and resources to share their newfound knowledge with other teaching colleagues back at their schools. Each school who took part in the conference also received a teacher handbook, an electronic resource pack and a resource box with the equipment needed for the ten practical science lessons (worth over £400).

“We were thrilled to work with the NTLT on delivering this CPD conference,” says Jackie Flaherty, Head of Teaching and Learning for The Ogden Trust. “Their efforts and enthusiasm to provide such an amazing venue and wonderful group of teachers for us to work with contributed to something magical on the day! It is so heartening to see a Trust of schools working so effectively and with such enjoyment,” adds Jackie.  “We are very excited to be on this partnership journey with them.”

three teachers seated at a table exploring Earth and Space CPD resources

School partnerships

Phizzi CPD is available to all Ogden partnerships which include primary schools. The training covers the four main areas of the primary physics curriculum on a four-year cycle. The KS3 Physics CPD covers forces, waves and electricity; it is designed to upskill non-specialist teachers of physics and supports learning progression and transition.

Applications for new partnerships open each year between September and February.

A local cluster partnership (a group of four or more schools within a local area) can apply for up to £2,500 per academic year for the first three years and up to £1,000 in the fourth year for partnership activities to enhance the teaching and learning of physics. A further grant of up to £250 is available as partnerships move into their legacy phase. In the first year, partnership co-ordinators are awarded a time buy-out giving them half a day a week to build relationships across the cluster and establish the partnership.

An established collaboration partnership (a group of four or more schools associated through a multi-academy trust (MAT), MAC, federation, educational trust, etc) can apply for up to £2,000 per academic year for the first three years and £1,000 in the fourth year for activities to enhance the teaching and learning of physics. The partnership lead is eligible for up to two years of time buy-out to support the partnership.

Partnerships receive support from Ogden regional representatives and teachers at all partnership schools can access Ogden CPD from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3.

two teachers making a parachute as part of the Earth and Space CPD

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