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A strategic approach to outreach

Published: 4 February 2021

This week, the Trust has released a new publication: Taking a strategic approach to outreach which can be downloaded from our resources library. It has been produced to explore a range of approaches for the strategic leadership, management and delivery of outreach; it includes top tips to inform the process and case studies to give an insight into real-life experiences.

The Trust works with a network of Ogden outreach officers at university physics departments, supporting them to develop and deliver outreach strategy and practice. Taking a strategic approach to outreach brings together the experiences and expertise gathered from across this network.

Taking a strategic approach to outreach represents years of learning by The Ogden Trust, and benefits from the partnerships they have so carefully built throughout the sector. The practical approach, underpinned by hard won understanding of academic and school environments, is exactly what is needed to help departments start to embed their approaches.”
Dr Charlotte Thorley, public engagement and involvement specialist.
Charlotte advised the Trust in the development of this publication.

The publication dovetails with the start of a new leadership for outreach and public engagement programme that the Trust is funding in partnership with the STFC.

The programme is being delivered by engagement consultancy Gurukula and brings together a series of online workshops, mentoring, webinars and peer group sessions. Leadership for outreach and public engagement will upskill academic leads in many areas, including developing their leadership style; advocating for outreach and public engagement at a senior department level; and navigating and managing departmental change and administration.

Eighteen academics with a remit to lead outreach and engagement in their department have signed up to this new programme which will conclude at the end of this year.

“Supporting and facilitating strategic approaches to outreach will help to develop a positive culture in universities,” says Clare Harvey, Chief Executive of The Ogden Trust. “It will enable them to deliver more meaningful, impactful outreach which will better support participation, engagement and reach – ensuring opportunities and future pathways are open to all.”

Ogden outreach officer meeting
Ogden outreach officer meeting

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