A springboard for science at Springbank

26 October 2017

This month, The Ogden Trust opened its first Phiz Lab in the East Midlands. Located at Springbank Primary School, which is part of the Ogden Nottingham City Partnership, the Lab was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Eastwood, Councillor Keith Longdon.

Springbank Phiz Lab opens
Springbank Phiz Lab opens

The Phiz Lab will provide a specialist classroom for science at the school and will encourage practical, student-led investigations. Teachers now have a dedicated space to teach a range of science experiments, and the students of Springbank Primary School can fully immerse themselves in the exciting world of physics. The children can also now wear their own customised lab coats whilst they work, giving them the full scientist experience.

“We are really thrilled to have the opening of the first Phiz Lab in the East Midlands at Springbank Primary School,” says The Ogden Trust’s East Midlands Regional Representative, Pete Dowsett. “It will be a great resource for the pupils and staff of the school as well as the other schools who are a part of The Ogden Trust’s Nottingham partnerships. It will be fantastic for a primary school to have its own fully equipped science room with all the facilities to ensure that the pupils thrive in science.”

During the opening event, young scientists from the school tried out the Lab with their own experiments and investigations. The Lab launch even featured on local television as TV crews came to film the fun.  

Springbank Phiz Lab opens
Springbank Phiz Lab
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