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A new strategy from The Ogden Trust

Published: 2 February 2021

This week we are launching the new Ogden Trust strategy for 2021-26, reiterating our commitment to enhancing the teaching and learning of physics. We continue with our mission to increase the uptake of physics post-16 by supporting physics education and engagement for all young people (4-18), particularly those in under-represented groups.

“We have developed our new strategy on a foundation of experience, collaboration, listening and learning,” says Chair of the Trust, Cameron Ogden. “It demonstrates our continued commitment to the teaching and learning of physics, and our determination to ensure that no one feels excluded from taking physics further.”

The new strategy is an evolution of our current plans and commitments, and we will continue to develop our programmes to make them accessible to those who find themselves most disenfranchised from physics and the opportunities it can bring.

School partnerships remain at the heart of the Trust and we are building our efforts to work with more schools, established education collaborations and across regions to help bring about real and sustained change in physics education. We are making longer-term commitments that will allow repeat and prolonged interventions, and we are embedding evaluation that will allow us to understand our impact and refine our programmes.

Effective support for teachers of physics is central to the Trust’s strategy; inspiring and committed teachers in the classroom are fundamental in changing the learning landscape. The Trust is working hard to develop meaningful relationships with teachers throughout their careers so that they feel supported and nurtured in their profession and share in our commitment to make physics matter.

Physics in action at a community project supported by the Trust. Two children investigate forces.
Physics in action at a community project supported by the Trust.

Whilst schools and teachers remain our principal focus, we want to support teaching, learning and physics opportunities that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom. We are continuing to build our relationships with universities, employers and community groups to ensure access to physics-related enrichment and future pathways are open to all regardless of background.

“This strategy will officially come into effect with the new academic year in September,” says Clare Harvey, Chief Executive. “But we are already working towards our new strategic goals and objectives, refining our programmes and developing relationships to help us achieve our mission.”

“We want to continue to challenge the stereotypes, expand access and opportunities, and make physics matter to more people. This strategy will underpin our efforts and consolidate our commitment, and we are excited to work towards its delivery over the next five year,” concludes Clare.

We have built our new strategy on a foundation of experience, collaboration, listening and learning.

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