​ A festival of science

22 July 2019

Last week, with support from The Ogden Trust, the Petchey Academy partnered with UCL to host its very first science festival.

The aim of the festival was to engage young people with the world of science and STEM learning through interactive activities and lots of fun! As part of the festival, students from Petchey showcased their science club work on robotics.

At the festival, children from local primary school Shacklewell came to enjoy one of the amazing shows from the Science Museum before venturing outside to get their hands on the experiments, demos and displays from UCL volunteers and Petchey students.

The Petchey robotics team showcased The Beast that was designed and built for the annual First Robotics competition, whilst on other stalls visitors could try their hand at keyhole surgery and building their own robots!

There were two more shows from the Science Museum for Petchey students from Years 7 and 9, before the Festival doors opened to the public. There was a great turn out from local families who also got to try all the experiments and enjoy a ‘best of’ compilation show from the brilliant Science Museum team.

“We are delighted to support this joint initiative between UCL and Petchey Academy,” explains Clare Harvey Chief Executive of The Ogden Trust. “The team had already developed and delivered workshops to more than 300 students on the intriguing and diverse areas of biomimicry, 3D printing and robotics. The Festival was a great way to share the enthusiasm and outcomes that the project has generated with other students and the local community.”

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