Teacher Network - Teach Physics intern: Frances Redihough

9 January 2020

I completed a five-week internship in the summer of 2016. I found the experience valuable to build my confidence in standing in front of a class. I also had the opportunity to get involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh, Science Club, Astronomy Club and careers events which reminded me of the excellent opportunities that school life has to offer students.

The internship gave me a good taste of the life of a teacher which made me feel more confident to go into the profession and I am now in my second year of teaching. The internship prepared me for working in a professional environment, planning activities and marking books, all of which are essential aspects. I find teaching challenging but rewarding especially when I look back on the progress I have made in my delivery and organisation.

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was sixteen years old because I was inspired by my teachers when I was at school. But I would say that even if you are not entirely sure about teaching, an Ogden Trust Teach Physics internship is an excellent opportunity to experience a professional working environment and develop key transferrable skills such as time management, clear communication and relationship building.

Frances Redihough
Teach Physics intern 2016
(January 2020)

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