School partnership: Wickham Market (Phiz Lab)

14 August 2020

At the opening of our Phiz Lab in Summer 2019, more than 250 pupils from our partnership schools visited to take part in some fantastic hands-on physics, including chromatography, Da Vinci bridge building, building electrical circuits, giant pendulum painting and making basic motors. We had electricity demonstrations using a van der Graaf generator and lit LEDs using an orange as a cell. EDF Energy were also on hand with a workshop to show how we can generate the electricity that we use at home and at school.

Since the opening, the Lab has been used for in-school science lessons (which can now be more experimental-based) and has hosted visiting scientific enrichment speakers. Hands-on activity days run by Anglian water have taught pupils about how waste-water is treated and the importance of being more environmentally friendly – the children got such a lot from this real-world science. We have also had a visitor from the Orwell park observatory who explained all about outer space phenomenon which was amazing!

Partner schools have used the Lab on a regular basis to carry out experiments. One school designed and made bath bombs which they then sold at their Christmas fair. A K’nex STEM challenge was undertaken by all Year 2 and Year 6 pupils from the partnership – STEM ambassadors from industry taught children how to make a working windmill from K’nex and the children then came up with their own amazing ideas.

The Phiz Lab is a wonderful base for science work across our partnership; we have had a great year in the Lab and are looking forward to the next!

Leslie Denny
East Suffolk Partnership (2018–)
Year 5/6 class teacher, Wickham Market Primary School

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