Ogden Alumnus: Pippa McGuinness

9 January 2018

When Pippa McGuinness was at the Nelson Thomlinson School, Cumbria, she received the Ogden Schools Physicist of the Year award in 2011. She went on to study physics at the University of Manchester and was awarded an Ogden Undergraduate Science Scholarship. She is now working towards her PhD at University of St Andrews within the Scottish Doctoral Training Centre in Condensed Matter Physics and is currently based at the Max Planck Institute for the Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, Germany.

“The Ogden Trust support has been extremely influential in getting me to where I am today. The Undergraduate Science Scholarship meant I didn’t have to work in term time or worry about money too much day to day, which I believe made a huge difference to the academic results I could achieve. I completed two Ogden Trust summer internships whilst at university; being able to show published work from one of these and talk about my experience in both seemed to be very influential in my PhD interviews. I never would have been able to afford to complete such internships without The Ogden Trust funding – it just wouldn’t have been financially possible.

During my undergraduate degree, I was able to take a year abroad; this would never have happened without my Ogden scholarship. As well as being a fantastic experience, my placement at Berkeley also proved to be helpful in gaining a PhD position.

When I won my book token [Schools Physicist of the Year] all those years ago I had no idea it would change my life in so many unimaginable ways! I am absolutely sure I would not have considered a PhD (especially one abroad) without both the scholarship-funded year abroad and the internships, where I discovered my love for research.”
Pippa McGuinness, Ogden Alumnus
October 2017

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