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Technician lead: Paul Cook

Published: 24 September 2019

In my Ogden role, I have created a network of technicians from the partnership schools and shared news about technician CPD courses, conferences, campaigns and technician awards.

Working with Ogden regional representatives, partnership contacts and science technicians I have arranged on-site workshop training days and bespoke physics equipment training.

Technicians have said that they have increased confidence using equipment due to the new knowledge they have gained, and this has helped them provide greater support in their schools with improved equipment provision and setups that ensure learning objectives are met.

Practical science is essential to fully develop the students’ understanding of the subject and science technicians can have a huge impact on this. With less specialist teachers and more pressures on teaching time, technicians are often becoming the practical advisers of a science department; they mentor and coach teachers on safely using equipment and offer tips and ideas to maximise experiments, developing new resources to ensure practical work is engaging and inspirational.

Going forward I plan to work with others to arrange more technician meetings and training opportunities, and to strengthen the network of technicians so they can help each other. I am already involved with other organisations who are looking to support technicians; through collaboration and sharing of ideas we can raise the profile of science technicians and give them the recognition and support they deserve.

Paul Cook, Ogden technician lead for the south
Senior Technician, Ark Burlington Danes Academy, West London
(July 2019)

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