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Teacher Network – Senior Teacher Fellowship: Emma Leonard

Published: 31 January 2022

I have been running a science ambassador scheme for a few years now and it has proved to be invaluable to my school, sharing the excitement and love of science and developing young leaders. In 2020, I was awarded an Ogden Senior Teacher Fellowship to support other primary schools to launch their own ambassador programmes.

With limitations on face-to-face school visits, I have created a film with my ambassadors explaining what it means to be a science ambassador and how it has inspired them to become better scientists. I have also created a PowerPoint presentation to support teachers as they train their new ambassadors and held online sessions to help facilitate the process. Once schools have signed up to the scheme, they receive a free box of resources worth £100.

So far, despite COVID restrictions, nine schools are now actively participating in my science ambassador scheme. This coming year I will be visiting these schools to help them develop the schemes and train their future ambassadors.

The Senior Teacher Fellowship has been excellent for my own CPD and has given me the time and opportunity to work closely with other schools in my local area.

Emma Leonard
Senior Leader, Springbank Primary School
November 2021

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