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Senior Teacher Fellowship: Claire Loizos

Claire Loizos had a two-year senior teacher fellowship to take part in the primary science capital project.

Published: 28 October 2021

Since becoming a Senior Teacher Fellow in September 2019, I have been learning about Science Capital in our primary classrooms and given the opportunity to work with other STFs to share ideas and put this into practice in our classrooms. It has been fantastic to get dedicated time to do this; we have been able to share ideas and pedagogy, as well as really getting the time to evaluate our own practice.

The thing that has really resonated with me is the reminder of why are we doing what we are doing – are we doing it for the books, ourselves, our school, to tick boxes? Or are we really doing our jobs to change society and the understanding, engagement and aspiration of every individually child we teach? It has reminded me that I don’t always consider the uniqueness of the individuals I teach, and has provided me with the inspiration to try to ‘tweak’ every lesson slightly to ensure I am focusing on the children ALWAYS.

It sounds simple – and it is! It has hugely changed my mindset already and I am seeing the impact in the classroom. I love being able to discuss this with other STFs, where we can laugh at failed efforts and try to work together to find ideas and solutions that will work for all primary aged scientists!

Claire Loizos
Primary science specialist, Broadlea School, Isle of Wight
Senior Teacher Fellow (2019-21)
(January 2021)

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