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Teacher Network – education research scholarship: Doug Ashton

Published: 6 May 2020

My research is focused on the transition from primary school (KS2) to secondary school (KS3). I am interested in discovering more about this process and seeing if there are ways to improve it. Without an Ogden scholarship I would not be able to undertake this research as my scholarship pays my tuition fees. However, having the support of The Ogden Trust is much more than just financial. There is a research group that meets, listens and provides support and guidance – an invaluable resource. There is also access to the huge network of Ogden people and schools which will be extremely useful as my research project progresses.

I would like to design and trial a resource that is purposeful to all the stakeholders involved in KS2/KS3 transition. This resource will be science-based and possibly be undertaken over the span of the transitional time (Year 6 summer term to Year 7 autumn term). I am hoping my research will help me shape this resource into something that can become established into school life.

I wanted to conduct this research for both personal and professional reasons. On a personal level it is the challenge, sense of achievement and desire to make a difference. On a professional level, we spend a significant amount of time looking after, and nurturing our children as they travel through their primary school lives. When they reach the time to move on, there are several areas of the transitional process that I think could be done better. Having a well-researched and proven transitional project will help primary school teachers provide something purposeful, during the children’s last term of KS2.

I hope the outcomes of my research will have a positive impact for all the people involved in transition: the children, the teachers, the parents/carers. Literature shows this can be a difficult time and if problems are encountered during this educational stage there can be short and long term consequences for these children. With careful consideration and planning, I hope to bring a consistent approach to this time which benefits everyone involved. Especially the children.

Doug Ashton
Science Lead at Kings Norton Primary School, Birmingham
(April 2020)

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