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Teacher Network – Early Career Teacher Development: Daniel Hobson

Published: 14 August 2020

When I first started at my school, I was the only physics teacher, and this meant I had no one to bounce ideas off. The Early Career support from the Trust enabled me to meet fellow teachers and leading practitioners of physics. The events allowed me to not only develop connections, they have also enabled me to develop subject knowledge aimed at promoting better progress within the classroom.

Having access to a physics mentor has been greatly beneficial as it has allowed me to evaluate my approach to certain topics but also to get advice on how to adapt lessons to suit all children.

The programme has allowed me to experience a couple of ‘magic’ moments already in the classroom. The first was the forces dance mat aimed at allowing students to think about resolving forces; the other was creating a new model for the alpha scattering experiment which involved a hula hoop, marble and a nerf gun.

Daniel Hobson Teacher of physics, Skegness Grammar School
Early Career Teacher Fellow (2019/20)
(March 2020)

Daniel pictured left at the Early Career Teacher Development Conference, 2019.

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