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Teach Physics internship & Early Career Teacher Development: Charlotte Grace

Published: 24 September 2019

I am a teacher of science specialising in physics at Outwood Academy Shafton, and I am also Associate Assistant Principal within the Deep Learning team, meaning one of my main responsibilities is looking after all initial teacher trainees here at the Academy, and also supporting all of our Newly Qualified Teachers. This is a challenging but extremely rewarding role in a very supportive school.

I was first involved with The Ogden Trust in the latter months of my final year of university when I took part in a Teach Physics internship. I spent a month at Pudsey Grangefield School and experienced what it is like to really teach. This, for me, confirmed my career choice and made me more confident to start my PGCE year knowing what was ahead.

My Teach Physics internship meant I have been well prepared for the ever-changing environment of school life. I was provided with the opportunity to observe experienced teachers, whilst also planning and delivering parts of lessons. I found that no two days were the same in the life of a teacher!

I am now three years into my teaching career and have been part of the Ogden Early Career Teacher Development (ECTD) programme. This programme has allowed me to explore teaching ideas that I wouldn’t have otherwise had time to experience. It has also given me communication with an experienced physics mentor who has provided me with ideas and support relating to my own professional development but also ideas surrounding engagement and teaching the curriculum.

The time afforded to me through the ECTD programme has been of great benefit to our school STEM club (which I plan and deliver) and has allowed me to take more time to evaluate how to make my lessons engaging and emphasise the real-world context of the physics I teach.

I now have responsibilities across the whole school; I am completing my Master’s and NPQML courses, and supporting the delivery of a TSST physics course. In June 2018, our school was asked to host an Ogden Teach Physics intern, allowing me a valuable insight into the internship programme from the other side.

Charlotte Grace
Teacher, Outwood Academy
(February 2019)

Pictured above with Tony Le, another teacher on the Early Career Teacher Development programme.

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