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Senior Teacher Fellowship: Charlotte Thompson

Charlotte’s fellowship has reinvigorated her passion for teaching and stimulated her drive to ensure that children can enjoy science.

Published: 10 January 2024

During the first year of my Senior Teacher Fellowship, I developed and delivered hands-on physics workshops, which inspired pupils and provided CPD and resources to the teachers. I delivered more than 35 sessions and assemblies and reached over 900 pupils and more than 60 teachers. It has been so rewarding to see an increase in science literacy, with pupils and staff more confident in science lessons and using scientific language.  

Primary is the ideal age to capture children’s imagination and give them a love for physics that will remain with them throughout their education and hopefully encourage more pupils into studying physics and onto physics careers. 

For me as a teacher, it has reinvigorated my long-standing passion for teaching and stimulated my drive to ensure that children can enjoy science both in an educational environment and their wider lives. 

I feel privileged to have witnessed the awe and wonder the pupils have shown. My fellowship will be continuing for 2023–24. 

Charlotte Thompson
Teacher of Science, Parkside Academy
January 2024 

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