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School partnership: Bidford

Published: 24 September 2019

The funded cycle for our Bidford Primary Partnership has concluded but the seeds of science have been well and truly established. The schools continue to work together to deliver fun, exciting hands-on science, engaging and inspiring the pupils, and the local community. This year, schools in our cluster have taken part in space camps, community Fun Palaces and science fairs – to mention just a few of the exciting science events we have enjoyed. The partnership co-ordinator, Lorraine Burrows, helped us to organise our first science day for reception children across the partnership, which was hosted at Tardebigge First School.

At Tardebigge, we are working towards our Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) and made science one of our subjects to focus on this academic year. We successfully put in a request to local business Worcester Bosch for funding to buy lab coats for the children to use; we have had the James Dyson Foundation Dyson Process Box at the school for lessons on technology and engineering; and we worked with Jenny Watson from The Ogden Trust to trial a Phizzi Pod resource kit which had all the equipment needed for some fab hands-on physics investigations for KS1 and KS2 children.

Working in partnership, children from each year group are getting the opportunity to explore more science with different children in new environments, they then bring back their new learning to the rest of the class. Teachers also get to meet and share new ideas and practices.

Kelly Horton, Science Lead, Tardebigge First School
Bidford Primary Partnership (2013–2018)
(June 2019)

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