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Coastal Energy internship: Joe Veriod

Published: 12 June 2020

My Coastal Energy internship really opened my eyes to what is actually on my doorstep in Norfolk. The aerospace industry (which I am aiming for) is a huge part of the work that Raptor do. This made the project really interesting for me, and has allowed me to choose the aerospace industry as my main place to aim.

There was a launch day where my project (the launchpad) was being used on its maiden test. I drove to Cambridge (the launch site) to set up the project, and help my supervisor to pass the launchpad as a safe product.

The vehicle reached an apogee of around 3,000 feet, which is relatively low for the work that Raptor does. This was a kind of proof of concept, so we didn’t want to launch anything too heavy just to be on the safe side. I’ve been in contact with my supervisor recently however, and he said that he is planning to launch his Kestrel 150 – which reaches an apogee of around 15,000 feet. Exciting stuff!

Joe Veriod
Intern 2019
Raptor Aerospace Ltd

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